The In-Between (High School/Cegep)

Three teens looking at their cellphones

THE IN-BETWEEN (High School/Cegep)


Written by Marcus Youssef
Directed by Mike Payette 
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal and with the support of the 2017 Banff Centre Playwrights Lab


Lily feels trapped. When a conflict between her best friend Brit and the guy she likes Karim breaks out after other students share racist, anti-Muslim memes, a misunderstanding leads to a school lockdown. Lily finds herself right in the middle, forced to make hard choices about which friend’s truth she’s going to believe. 




Lex is a former athlete who's been an activist since a young age; always defending for the sake of justice against inequality. However, he has always had a fascination for all things nature and everything artistic. Growing up, he would memorize all the lines from his favourite movies, recite them with his older brother and sing and dance in the house and drive our parents crazy all the time! During his high school years, Lex began writing poetry and entered the modeling industry which led to a start as a musician where he was able to work part-time.  In the hopes of pursuing a career in performance, he attended the professional theatre program at John Abbott College, and upon graduating, he has since continued a vast career in dance, film, and music. He is thankful for his roots in helping him realize the person who imagined himself to be.



Born in Shaoyang, China, but raised in Markham, Ontario, Qianna is very excited to be a part of Geordie's 2Play Tour! As an adoptee herself, she is grateful for the opportunity to tell her own story. Qianna fondly remembers when TYA shows would come to her school and is thrilled to be bringing theatre to the next generation. She is also an avid reader and an aspiring writer. Qianna is a recent graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.



Raised in Montfort, Quebec, Skyler Clark grew up very enthusiastic about the world of theatre. Throughout her adolescence, she was active in both music and theatre. After high school, she moved to Montreal to attend Dawson’s Professional Theatre program, and graduated in 2015. Since graduation, Skyler has been involved in numerous theatre productions portraying roles such as a Witch in Raise the Stakes’ Macbeth, Hero in Snowglobe’s Much Ado About Nothing, Valerie in Tantalus’ Adoration, Faith in We Are One’s SMACKHEAD, and many more. 

Skyler is eternally grateful for the infinite support that her family and friends have given her over the years and the experiences she’s been blessed with. She is thrilled at the opportunity to work with Geordie in bringing theatre and important messages to younger audiences and communities, and looks forward to the many performances to come! 

Quebec Education Competencies


Some select Quebec Competencies found in this guide include:


English Language Arts

- Uses language to communicate and learn

- Represents their literacy in different media

- Reads and listens to written, spoken, and media texts

- Writes a variety of genres for personal and social purposes


Cross-Curricular Competencies

- Uses information

- Exercises critical judgment

- Uses creativity

- Uses information and communications